other women who ride and to broaden my riding experiences with a group of women I feel safe making mistakes around. I love the sense of support and safety I get from the group as I continue to learn more about riding. There's no more empowering feeling in the world than being in a group of women riding down the road and seeing the looks of appreciation and thumbs up we get when people realize there isn't a man in our group!

Growing up I always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but knew it wouldn't happen while living under Mom and Dad's roof. I finally left home, got married, had a family and riding became a distant dream. Until one day, I realized the kids were grown and there was nothing holding me back anymore (except of course not knowing how.)

I took the ABATE riding course with my spouse who has been riding since childhood and have been hooked ever since. My first bike was a 1978 Honda 175. There was nothing to it, but it was a great bike to learn on (it also gave me an appreciation for an electric start). I am currently riding a 1989 Yamaha Virago XV750, that I have spent the last seven years customizing and turning into an extension of me and my personality.

I joined the Women In The Wind Hoosierettes Chapter to meet