Hawaii (The Devil's Breed). He found me a '78 Honda Hawk (CB400) and taught me how to ride. When I left Hawaii and transferred to Italy I was told driving over there was crazy, and I shouldn't take my bike. I ended up not riding again until around 2000. When I again started dating a guy who rode. I bought an old '86 Honda 450 Rebel and soon outgrew it. In 2003, Still in the Navy, again transferred to Italy. This time I got a new bike (2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800) and took it with me. While I was over there I acquired a 2003 HD 883 Sportster (not my favorite bike). While the driving in Italy is crazy, I felt much more comfortable on a bike than in a car (still do). When I retired from the Navy, I made my first cross country trip on my Vulcan, by myself. When I returned, I sold the Vulcan and the Sportster and got a 2007 HD Heritage Softail Classic. (Definitely should have moved up soonerAfter 5 years, I moved up to a 2012 Street Glide. I now ride a 2014 Street Glide.
While I have ridden cross country several times, I still want to ride RT 66, go to Alaska and Tail of the Dragon. I have been to Sturgis several times but there are
other big rallies that I would some day like to attend, Laconia, and Daytona to name a few. I joined a women's riding group because I wanted to associate with other
women riders in what is ultimately still a man's world, although it is changing!

I love riding! I ride because it us the only place where I totally determine what I do and where I go. The long trips are my real passion. Nearly everything on my bucket list has to do with riding.

I retired from the U.S. Navy in 2006 after serving 25+ years. For the most part I enjoyed every single day of my service. But, my favorite part was the travel, I never would have been to some of the places I have if it hadn’t been for my time in the service. But it also made me appreciate this great county of ours, which is why I love to travel, and preferably on my bike! My least favorite part of my time in the Navy was learning how to delegate and not doing jobs myself all the time. As I moved up in rank, I had to learn to assign jobs and trust my people to do them correctly. If I trained them right, it shouldn’t be an issue, but that was hard!

I learned how to ride in 1984 but seriously riding since 2000. I was in the Navy and dating a guy who was a member of a 1% club in  


Diane - Chief