I have a 20 plus mile commute to work which is much more enjoyable when it is on two wheels. When riding you’re tuned in to what is around you. Just compare driving a car through a wind farm to riding a bike through it. As they say, bikers know why dogs put their heads out of a car's window. I am an ABATE member and strongly urge everyone to take a course, or two. If you’re an experienced rider it will help break bad habits and if you’re new it will give you a good foundation.

I came to riding late in life as my spouse was not ”alright” with me riding. When the marriage ended I decided I would learn to ride. I had a painful first attempt. Once recovered, I decided I needed two more riding courses and training wheels. My first bike was a three wheeled, two in front, scooter. I sold the Piaggio MP3 400 and purchased a 2008 Honda Rebel which had 154 original miles. After riding the Rebel in an early season wind storm and being nearly blown off the road, I traded it for my current bike a candy red 2012 Honda Shadow 750 Aero.    

When I decided I was going to learn how to ride I attended a Garage Party at the local Harley dealer. A member of the WITW the Hoosierettes Chapter spotted me as a nervous newbie and took the time to answer my questions and make me feel welcome. Once I finally started riding, I knew that was the group I wanted to join. I was looking for camaraderie and to learn from more experienced riders.


Deb - Yellow Jacket