Hoosierettes Chapter

The name of this organization shall be: WOMEN IN THE WIND, THE HOOSIERETTES CHAPTER (hereinafter referred to as WITW Hoosierettes).

The club logo shall be a front view of a woman riding a motorcycle; the organization name is spelled out above the logo in a circular style as trademarked in 2004.

The purposes of the organization are:
1)  To unite women motorcyclists with friends of common interest.
2)  To promote a positive image to the public of women on motorcycles.
3)  To help educate its members on motorcycle safety and maintenance.

ARTICLE 4 – MEMBERSHIP    After attending two (2) meetings and participating in two (2) chapter rides, a women rider may apply for membership to WITW Hoosierettes Chapter.  Type of membership shall consist of:
1)  Chapter members: 
A.  Chapter membership is open to women who own and/or operate a motorcycle of any make.
B.  Chapter membership requires that the member shall hold a lawful motorcycle driving endorsement or permit.
C.  Members of the chapter shall pay amount as stated in the International bylaws plus $15 for the WITW Hoosierettes per year as dues to the chapter treasurer.
D.  Chapter membership with Women in the Wind International shall be renewed by March 22nd of each year.
E.  New chapter members’ dues are prorated based on the date joined (See Article 7, Section D of the International ByLaws)
F.  Chapter members in good standing are entitled to full privileges and may purchase and wear club logo products.
G.  Each chapter member receives a copy of The Shooting the Breeze magazine published during the period she is a member is good standing.
H.  For each year dues are paid, the chapter member receives a membership card from Women in the Wind, Inc.
I.  A member that no longer belongs to the organization cannot use the WOMEN IN THE WIND name or logo. A chapter member who is no longer a member of her chapter must remove her WITW patch(es) from any clothing item worn in public.
2)    Associate Members
 - The chapter may, at its own option, include one non-riding member for each five (5) riding members into its chapter, maximum of three (3) non-riding members per chapter. Sections C through I of this Article shall apply to these members.

One person may hold more than one office if no one is nominated or volunteers for any of the officer positions.  Chapter officers and their duties are: 

1) President
A.  Preside over chapter meetings.
B.  Organize officer meetings when she determines one to necessary.
C.  Supervise general affairs of the club.
D.  Appoint committees as needed.
E.  Oversee and approve new memberships.
F.  Maintain bylaws, incorporating changes and updates.
G  Maintain Hoosierettes.org Web site.
H. Assist Vice President with filling any vacant post(s)

2) Vice President
A.  Assist president in all aspects.
B.  Fill in any office if post is vacated.

3) Secretary/Treasurer
A. Take minutes at each chapter meeting.
B. Prepare minutes and notes of the meetings.
C. Prepare and provide packets to new members.
D. Maintain a current chapter Membership Directory
E. Collect chapter dues.
F. Pay the dues for all current members to Women in the Wind, Inc. for their individual WITW chapter membership by March 22nd of each year.
G. Keep itemized account of all chapter monies and all monies in dedicated bank account.
H. Supply each member with a copy of the annual treasury report
I. Order club logo merchandise and collect money for its distribution to members.
J. Maintain attendance record for active and prospective members.

4) Ride Captain
A. Assist the president and vice president in all aspects
B. Ensure that routes for designated chapter rides are prepared.

5) Safety Coordinator
A. Responsible for the annual Safe Mileage Contest
B.  Acts as Safety, Maintenance and Motorcyles Rights Coordinator

6) Sergeant-at-Arms
A. Sargent-at-arms shall on the floor of the meeting assist in preserving order as the President may direct
B. Also may handle setup arrangements before meeting

7) Social Media Coordinator
A.  Help maintain Chapter web site “www.hoosierettes.org”
B.  Update Facebook pages, events, the web site calendar and photo album pages at least once a month.
C.  Ensure STB articles are written and submitted to STB.

All logo items must be purchased through the WITW International organization or its chapters.

Chapter meetings shall include:
1)  A monthly business meeting on an agreed upon Sunday.
2)  Weather permitting there may be a “Breakfast and Ride” meeting every second Sunday.
3)  Officers meeting will be called by the president as deemed necessary.

1)  Election of officers shall be held at a scheduled meeting every two years in March.
2)  Nominations shall be announced on the website or Facebook page.
3)  Newly elected officers take office immediately.
4)  Terms shall be two years, unless the next election is postponed. In such case, the term continues until an election can be arranged.
5)  All voting shall be by ballot.
6)  Absentee ballots will be published on the website and Facebook page.
7)  All chapter members in attendance, who did not submit an absentee ballot, shall receive a ballot at the chapter meeting at which the election takes place.
8)  Properly submitted absentee ballots are counted along with the ballots cast at the scheduled election meeting

1)  All articles included in the bylaws may not be altered or deleted unless approved by membership majority.
2)  Proposed changes of bylaws can be made only by chapter members.
3)  A chapter member wishing to alter, delete, or add bylaws must inform the chapter president of the proposed ideas; the president shall organize a discussion and vote at the following chapter meeting.
4)  Majority vote shall prevail.

1)  Any chapter membership or associate membership may be revoked if the chapter or member is not promoting Article 3.
2)  Any chapter charter may be withdrawn by International officers if Article 3 is not promoted.
3)  Chapter officers may revoke membership of its own chapter or associate members.
4)  International officers may revoke membership of an associate or chapter member.

Amended October 2019