Nine motorcycles that I have owned and ridden over the 30 years:  1979 Suzuki GS425E (Gave this bike to my oldest son in 1999), Three Honda Goldwings 1500cc (1989, 1999 crashed and burned on this one, and 1993), 1993 Honda Shadow 600cc (crashed and burned on this one), 2005 Honda Goldwing 1800cc  (I still own and ride this one), 2002 H-D Heritage Classic Softail, 2009 Honda 250cc Rebel, 2012 H-D Heritage Softail (I still own and ride this one).

Riding groups that I have belonged to before founding our local chapter of Women in the Wind the Hoosierettes Chapter: Women on Wheels, Chics ‘n Chaps, AVMRA, RSBS, HOG, LOH. I founded a women's riding group because of the sisterhood of riding.

I ride for the love of the freedom. Types of riding that I really enjoy doing:  Long distance cross country, day rides of 150 to 300 miles, just riding to a store to do some shopping and teaching new female riders to ride.  Look out when I am riding a Goldwing they have an automatic Dairy Queen stop!

We lost Brycie in 2015, after a tough battle fought  spending more time in the hospital than not  towards the end.  She road until 78, trading in the Goldwing and only riding the HD Softail Heritage as age and cancer took its toll. Bio as it was written by Brycie below:
R.I.P.  October 27, 1937 - October 30, 2015

I was scared to death of motorcycles while growing up.  And, In my early 40’s I rode on the back of friend’s Kawasaki and loved it, but I wanted to be in control.  I have been riding motorcycles for 36 years (I am 74 years old and still riding).

It was either have a friend teach you, or teach yourself. This is how I learned to ride.  After riding for 20 years I finally took the ABATE Rider’s Course. I had to un-learn some bad habits and  took the Experienced Rider Course twice.