wanted to go faster. So being a young foolish kid, I decided to sneak the bike out at night. It was after everyone had gone to bed and the streets were quiet. I climbed out my bedroom window and down the trellis. I unlocked the shed and pushed her bike out and down the street about 4 blocks to the park. I didn't get on it until I was there at the park because I didn't want a ticket. I had no concern for how much trouble I would get into if I was caught by my parents, only what would happen if the cops caught me. It was great. I tooled around that track at speeds I never dreamed I would go on a motorcycle, for a twelve year old that was about 35-40 miles per hour. Then I got the bike stuck in 5th gear. I couldn't get it out. I tried and tried but it wouldn't come out. I ended up pushing the bike back up the hill all four blocks holding the clutch in. I made it halfway up the hill when the town police showed up. He asked what I was doing and I told him I had been down at the track and was going home. I said since I wasn't licensed yet I had to push it. He just laughed and drove away. This cop didn't waste any time the next day telling my father the story. Of course, I was grounded for a month. I didn't even get to go on a motorcycle again until I was about 16. My heart was broken. Then came marriage and my husband had a CB550 that he never rode. Guess what, it got plenty of usage from me. I learned to ride a bike all by myself on gravel roads. Every biker's nightmare. So, do you think I was hooked? I sure was. Next bike I bought was when I was 26. It was the first bike I truly owned. A friend and I went to a cycle shop and went out back to the used and abused bikes that they parted out. The first one I found that had compression I bought. We fixed it up and that was my only mode of transportation for about 3 yrs. Yes, winter also and I was in Ohio. From then on if I didn't own a cycle I was looking at buying one. This is the path I have taken that brought me to the Hoosierettes. I have found a place where I can be with like-minded women of all ages who truly enjoy getting on a cycle and feeling the wind in their faces as they motor down the highway.

I started riding when I was very young. My father used to put me on the back of his dirt bike and would tell me to hang on. We would go zipping through the hills and trails and I can remember the excitement and thrill I got from feeling myself fly through the air. I was hooked. I wanted to do this myself and didn't get the chance until I was about 10. We were at a hill climb and they were having a contest for kids. We were to take a dirt bike up our own hill. My Dad borrowed a bike and told me to get on. He taught me how to throttle and told me to just hang on and don't let go. It was a blast. I didn't even switch gears. This made me want to ride even more. My desire to ride bikes managed to get me in trouble. In my town we were allowed to ride our motorcycles on an old race track down at the park. I didn't have one at this time; I was only 12, so my mother would give me a ride down on the back of her Honda 175. She would let me drive around the track but I wasn't allowed to go past 2nd gear. That wasn't good enough for me. I